Impressive vocabulary

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Reported speech

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Video Game Vocabulary, Jargon, and Slang

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Panoply comes from the Greek word panoplia, which referred to the full suit of armor worn by "hoplites," heavily armed infantry soldiers of ancient Greece. "Panoplia" is a blend of the prefix pan- meaning "all," and hopla, meaning "arms" or "armor." (As you may have guessed already, "hopla" is also an ancestor of "hoplite.") "Panoply" entered the English language in the 17th century, and.

Recent Examples on the Web. The shared experience of tapas, a panoply of food, drink, and conversation uniquely Spanish, often quite magical.

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— Robin Currie,, "Bring the tapas bar home with 'Boqueria'," 5 July In the panoply of commanders who turned much of Central America into a killing field in the s, General Ríos Montt was one of the most murderous.

SHARES How often have you introduced a new science vocabulary list to your students, only to have them look at you like you made the terms up on the spot? For me, I’d say this happens most days.

Encouraging students to learn high school science vocabulary words is a challenge.

Video Game Vocabulary, Jargon, and Slang

I. This whimsical wrap-up of TED -- presented by Einstein, the African grey parrot, and her trainer, Stephanie White -- simply tickles. Watch for the moment when Einstein has a moment with Al Gore.

What's interesting about formidable is that we often tend to use it about things that, while they may scare us, we can't help being pretty impressed by all the same.

A formidable opponent is almost by definition a worthy one; a formidable challenge almost by definition one worth rising to.

Impressive vocabulary
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