Italian campaign essays

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Write a page paper in APA format with sources cited from your readings that answers the following question: Describe how the writings of Pierre-Joseph de Bourcet and Jacques Antoine Hypolite, Comte de Guibert influenced Napoleon’s tactics and strategy during his Italian Campaign?

Napoleon’s Italian Campaign

The Italian Campaign, from July 10,to May 2,was a series of Allied beach landings and land battles from Sicily and southern Italy up the Italian mainland toward Nazi Germany.2 The Italian Campaign was one of the most important military efforts for Canada during the war.

The campaign provided the allies with major strategic and economic advantages, boosted British morale and proved Anglo-American cooperation to be successful. Additionally, conflict in North Africa also diverted substantial German and Italian resources that were needed elsewhere, thus.

Canada deployed 91, men to fight in the Italian campaign, which for Canada's size was an outstanding effort.

This number helped greatly to win the Italian Campaign. For Canada's size it contributed greatly by forcing Hitler to have another front. They also. Dec 06,  · Best Answer: The Italian campaign was the Allied invasion of mainland Italy in September and the subsequent fighting there until the end of the war.

The plan was that Italy would collapse quickly and that Allied troops would swiftly be able to take the whole country quickly,and then invade Germany from the south,thus ending the Resolved.

Italian campaign essays
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Italian Campaign - HISTORY